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FAQ & Support

Where do you ship from?

Sweet question. We have warehouses in both the USA and Asia. The warehouses are located in Seattle, New York City, and Hong Kong respectively.

I  live in New York, can I pick up a Bitcoin Neon Sign?

Absolutely. If you are living near the Seattle hub, you are welcome to pick up a sign to save on shipping. You will need to make travel arrangements to pick up your signs there, however. Once you place a purchase order, a local pickup option will be available to you if your zip code is supported. We will contact you if you choose this option.

What kind of benefits do I get for paying with BTC?

You will be supporting the crypto-community at its greatest potential. The miners thank you and appreciate you keeping them busy! Secondly, all orders paid with BTC will receive a free Bitcoin bracelet.

What do you do with my information?

Under no circumstances do we provide your personal or private information to any party. You may be subscribed to our newsletter, but you will have the option to opt out. We probably only send 1-2 a year a most unlike other shops. Your info is safe with us! We only use your information to ship you your goods, thats it!

How can I trust you?

Please reference the following links for further pictures, feedback, and trust ratings from other members of the community:



Where can I find an album of Bitcoin Neon Signs that others have purchased?

You can find most of them at the bitcointalk.org link above, but if thats down, please check out this imgur link! http://imgur.com/a/GM79i

Can I buy in bulk?

All bulk orders must go through a consultation. Please contact us so we can work with you directly.

Any further questions please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you.


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